Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dutch gal meet!

Lately all communities have seemed kind of quiet, even the Dutch one were still so many gals are active! The thing is that most meets recently have only been with the gyaru circles. So we decided to finally have another meet-up again with all the gals together ^^ I think the last meet like that was before summer, so it really was about time! This was my look for the occasion (a bit casual, as I had been to university the whole day before the meet):

When wee met up, everybody was super hungry so as usual we first had to get a bite to eat together. I really loved my food, the fish was so good and they even had sesame ice cream <3 \(^o^)/


They gave us so much food, even the strongest of us couldn't eat it all xD

Afterwards we went somewhere else to drink cocktails. Normally we almost never really go somewhere anymore after dinner, because people have to leave early so this was super nice for a change ^^ I had my favourite PiƱa Colada!

And of course a little selfie spam:

Derping with Sharon and Jojo

Part of our table, Roos wasn't really in a picture mood xD

The beautiful Jen and me

Sharon and me

We actually made many more even, but I don't have them all yet sadly -.^ We stayed in the cocktail place for so long they eventually practically had to kick us out. Unfortunately by than I really had to leave in order to still make it to my last bus. Another a bit tipsy selfie of me waiting for it to arrive:

I actually like myself better on photos when a bit tipsy xD

It was really nice to have a meet like this again. Meeting with the other gals always makes me feel like I can share one of the most important parts of me with people who really get it <3 I can't wait until after christmas break when there will be many other meets! I hope you liked my post -.^

Much love!


  1. I had a really great time on my first meet! I hope to see you all again soon! ^-^

    1. Glad you had fun! I really liked having some new people there, it was a lot of fun ^^

  2. Seems like so much fun! Wish we had more gal friends to hang out with regularly!!!

    1. It really was <3 Aw you would think that there are more gals around you, now that you are living in Japan? I love having my gals close ^^

  3. Ah I miss circles! I wish they would work out in the UK... But they always fall apart ;_; I agree with it being VERY quiet in the gal comm lately... Maybe it's because of exams? Idk ^^"

    You all look like you had an amazing time! <3