Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nijmegen Gyaru meeting

In my last post, I already said I would be going to a Gal meet-up this in Nijmegen last weekend. Kuro organised it and she did a really good job. As it was somewhat further away, Zoë and I decided to travel all the way east together^^ The meet was a lot of fun! We were with only seven, so a smaller group again this time. I actually find I like these kinds of meets more than the bigger ones, as it feels more like a group of friends hanging out. 

We first met at the station and from there walked to Bagels and Beans to have lunch ( a change from the sushi at most other meets ;) )

When I was in high school, we used to go here every week at least once! Though that was not in Nijmegen -.^ Still, I loved the food soooo much! Marieke and me had the same: toscany cream cheese bagelsss <3

Afterwards we went into the city for some 'shopping' and the much neede selfies at Primark xD So here's a selection:

With Prince Elliot, she joined for the first time, it was nice meeting her.

With Zoë and Kuro! I found out I really like MA*RS, Zoë looked so cute in it. It's not for me though..

With Marieke! Jeej she looked so cute in hime!

Haha the mirror was to small for all of us!

Haha, we kind of hogged the mirror for quite some time! In the and people started looking at us a bit strange ^^ Well never mind, it was still a lot of fun!

Afterwards we decided we needed to go and make some group pics outside.

Haha perfect example of the gyaru culture! xD
Everybody together! <3

Everybody looked so great! I was feeling quite under-dressed xD I am not sure why, but I was feeling like a more casual coord. I will have to step it up next time!

I have some sad news as well though :( I will not be going to Hyper Japan in Londen anymore... I will probably go to Nishicon instead! This is a bit closer to home and somewhat smaller, but also very nice I think. So although it is quite the disappointment, Nishicon will still be fun ^^

I hope you liked my meet report? I am already looking forward to next time. After every meet I just feel so excited to do more gyaru <3

Much Love!