Monday, February 23, 2015

Inspiration: gyaru fashion show

I have super exciting news!! Last week I was asked to be in the Gyaru Fashion Show at OshareCon \(^o^)/ OshareCon is a conference in the Netherlands for Japanese fashion lovers, you can find the website here. In three weeks the first edition will take place and I was already really excited for it.. Now I'm super excited and nervous xD 

Anyway I have to think of a cool outfit now. Kuro and I are both going to do rokku, she will do more old school and I the modern day version ( which suits us both perfectly <3 ). So it's time for another inspiration post ^^



Rokku/Goshikku Gyaru   

Rokku gyaru   




I hope you got as much inspiration from this as I did!

Much Love!

Monday, February 16, 2015

My wishlist

I am so ashamed to admit this but even though I have only gotten back from Tokyo a little over a month ago, I have been already looking all over the internet for new stuff so much xD Since I am a student, I can never just buy every thing I want so I always have quite a wish list ! I thought I'd just share it with you guys -.^

"ROCK SKULL" Torebka na biglu czaszka, aksamit skóra, nity, cameo bag

Isn't this bag just gorgeous?! I saw it on the blog Wonderland Gone Mad. You can buy it here.

These rings look just sooo cool! Plus I decided I really need more rings, so I guess as soon as I have money again I'll def buy this here.


Yeah what can I say, same story as the other ring xD I love how it has a kind of goth feel to it. Buy it here.

This bracelet is just perfect; I mean leather, skeletons and chains <3 Buy it also on ebay, here.

So beautiful! I need this so much! I saw Gina wearing it at the International Gyaru Lovers meet. This was when I was finally really convinced of the power of Ebay xD


This shirt is just so perfect! Buy it here.


The new spring clothes of Ghost of Harlem are so beautiful they make my eyes hurt O.O Buy this shirt here.


Also Ghost of Harlem. I actually perfer them in silver, but in black they are also so cool! Buy it here.

FERNOPPA rose cross chain choker Ferunopa Alt <brand of

Fernopaa items are super hard to find (or at least for me -.^), when I saw this necklace here, I just fell in love!

with dia new tag ☆ arm warmers ★ skull <brand of

The detachable sleeves on this top are really great for summer and winter. Buy it on mbok -.^

TRASHVILLE-518 Platform Knee Boots

These shoes have been on my wishlist for ages! They are just so perfect for rokku, but a bit too expensive for me T^T You can buy them here.

Some thing I have been keeping my eyes open for, but haven't been able to find so far T^T So if you have a tip tell me!

I just love this skirt! Who would have thought it was D.I.A. right?

This dress is just to die for! If I ever find it I really hope it will not be too short ^^

These socks <3 I actually sometimes really love MA*RS eventhough most of the time it's not really my style.

This Glavil dress is just a dream <3

My wishlist always keeps growing and growing ! I hope I am not the only one -.^

Much Love!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Full length mirror!

School has started again, so I have been really busy lately. However I think you're never too busy to dress up! I did not used to wear too much gal clothes to uni before, but I decided to just go for it. Plus I finally got myself a full length mirror :3 I made two outfit shots this week, which I hope you'll like.

Last weekend I went out for lunch at SET Genki Tei with Elise, Jojo, Rosa, Sharon, Michel and Christine. It had been really too long! I had this super good tempura lunch <3

After dinner we went to primark for some quick shopping, but I wasn't really in the mood so I didn't buy anything -.^

Even though we just had lunch a lot of us were hungry again at some point so we had to stop by McDonald's. We forgot to make a group picture or something but at McDonalds Sharon took this great picture:

So elegent with the icecream xD My outfit of that day:

I took this picture the day after as I went to a birthday after leaving the group, so excuse the hair and lack of make-up :P I just had to try the new mirror!

Another outfit this week:

I have to get up really early all the time now, but you have to wear clothes right?! I do tone it down for classes with less make and less 'shocking' accessories. Still at least once a day I had to explain gyaru to people xD Most react really positive, Which is just great, because now  I am finally confident enough to keep this up!

I am curious to hear your stories about wearing gal to school. What was it like for you?

Much Love!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gyaru meme: Day 2&3

Remember I did the Gyaru meme day 1 some time ago? You can find it here. Today I thought to do day 2 & 3. The gyaru meme was made by Lizzie Bee and a friend of hers. In total they made up 30 days, so we still have some to go -.^

Day 2: A picture of yourself with fifteen facts

This was my favorite picture from the International Gyaru Lovers Winter meet, so I thought I would just use it again for this ^^ So on to the 15 facts:

  • I am not allowed to go to a tanning salon, so even though I love how a tan makes you look it will never be for me ( luckily with rokku my white skin is ok ^^)
  • My favourit colours are red and purple.
  • I have always admired himegyaru, I just would not feel like me in it!
  • I am addicted to liquorice. The only time I do not eat it is when I am really sick or hangover.
  • My favorite bands are Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys<3
  • People always say I am a bit naive.. I guess they might be right xD
  • I never liked talking about myself very much, so this is quite hard!
  • When I was younger I only used to play with boys and I hated skirts, pink and girly things.
  • I always wanted to try lolita. If only I were rich..
  • My favorite piece of clothing is a super comfortable black and white cardigan of GoH.
  • When I take a day off of studying, friends, sports, commitee and all that I prefer staying in bed with my bf playing board games and watching series.
  • I have a huge crush on Ian Somerhalder (Damon in the Vampire Diaries).
  • Butterflies are my token animal. I love them!
  • I have always wanted to live abroad, the exact place I still don't know yet.
  • I have been a vegetarian since I was nine years old. I never even had a hamburger! In Japan they did not understand what it meant though and they did not really have vegetarian meals most of the time, so I did eat meat there. It tasted so weird!!
Pfew that was that. It was actually really hard to come up with 15 facts about me. Somehow when asked something like this I always come up blank xD I hope you liked reading it. If you have any more questions, ask away!Next time more Tokyo.

Much Love!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tokyo: Alice cafe Shibuya

So another post about Tokyo! I have been a fan of Alice in Wonderland for years. So when I heard about the Alice cafes in Tokyo, I off course had to go :D The only hard thing was to choose which cafe to go to, as they all looked so pretty in the pictures! In the end we just went to the one in Shibuya, because we accidently stumbled upon it.

Even before really entering the real cafe part there was already a really cool statue of a heart guard. Off course I had to get a picture with him :

The perspective is kind of strange, because my bf, who took the picture, had to stand on stairs to make it :P Inside it was even prettier! The theme was Alice in the dance orld, but to be honoust I did not really see it except for on one part of the wall:

(I accidently screwed up the white balance xD) This clock as amazing, so super pretty:

Mr rabbit! Except this one did not wear a waist coat.. or anything else O.o

The waitresses too were just super cute. I always love those sweet maid uniforms and these were even better, for they were Alice themed!

The best was the food in my opinion. It was sooo good and the deserts looked just perfect.

I was really glad my bf liked it as well. I was afraid it was too girly for him, but he said he didn't mind ^^ Afterwards we went to Glavil again because I wanted to buy some last things (I promised) The shopstaff was so nice again! We took a picture together and exchanged Lines <3

Next time I go to Tokyo, I really want to go to the other Alice cafes as well! And to this really cool horror theme resturant someone told me about. This was such a great experience, I can't wait

Much Love!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gal art

I wanted to make a post that combines two loves of mine: gyaru and illustration. Since I started with gyaru I have been collecting these images, so Of some I cannot remember where they come from anymore.. If anyone reading this does know, please let me know in the comments!

This first one is the oldest image I had saved on my computer. Not all the constellations look super gal to me (more neogal I guess), but some really do. I really like the pescis with the manba make. The artist's name however I unfortunately can no longer remember.

These next drawings are made by a really amazing artist called AsuROCKS. She makes illustrations, comics, movies and much more. I have had the Rokku/Agejo Shibuya Undead picture as the desktop background of my computer for a long time now <3

I think this illustration is really funny somehow, as it combines the sweet hime with the grimy zombie ^^

This picture is so great. I love this girl's style!

And off course the cutest couple ever -.^

And the most evil! <3

By Justine Smith

These super cute pixel gyaru images are made by Pixel Dreams. She makes all these super cute images with some moving parts in them. I think I'll start using some of them on this blog, but I'll have to ask her first off course -.^

Me on my lazy days xD : 

The next drawings are by Airibbon, a great artist I found on deviantart:

Finally off course works from the manga artist who made the manga GALS!: Mihona Fujii. Her mangas are super nice, because next to the great drawings, she also wrote pieces of her journals in there. This way I thought you could for once get to know the artist better and she is a very sweet girl ^^ Some illustrations:

I love the colours of this drawing! There's so much going on!

As you have probably figured out by now, I did not really feel lik writing about Japan today -.^ Probably because today I have been missing it a lot and have even been looking up tickets for summer! Next post I'll continue with that though, promise.

Much Love!