Monday, September 28, 2015

Insta Nail Inspiration

For the nail decoration meeting with the gals of my galsa this weekend, I looked up some inspirational nail art on Instagram. Ever since Istarted using Instagram, I love it especially for this kind of purposes! The nails in these post are all made by the nail artists 'Ravi Nail' and 'Wiznail.Brazilianwax'. I could not really choose to stick to one theme, so sorry for the random mess of inspo -.^

I really love all these nails! Unfortunately I still have to practice a lot and hone my skills to be able to make nails like these <3 Look up the artists! They have made so many more great designs! Hopefully you felt just as inspired by these as me -.^

Much Love!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Birthday party Elise and Harajuku Fashion walk Amsterdam

Woops, I did not even noticed I skipped a post last week! Well to make it up to you I will be talking about two recent 'events' I attended in one post -.^ I will keep it short though, as I have limited time (as usual).

Two weeks ago I went to the birthday of one of the gals in my gyarusa, Elise. This was my coord for that day:

And make:

She invited a bunch of people over for tea and amazing food. I had been really looking forward to it because of the stellar reputation of her bday parties and their food *^* I was definitely not let down:

We spend THE WHOLE AFTERNOON eating, drinking tea and talking, which was really nice and relaxed. Of course some selfies were made, This is one of me and Jojo:

Another cool thing that I went to was the Harajuku fashion walk in Amsterdam last week. This was my outfit:

And my hair and make-up:

While I had been planning to really walk along, I was kind of delayed by my and my bf's need for food, so we could only meet up with the others afterwards for some delicious yoghurt ice cream:

Have another selfie -.^

I love attending all these amazing 'events'! Lately I have been super short on time, but I think seeing my friends and experiencing all these lovely things is definitely worth it ^^ Next post will be more elaborate, I promise.

Much Love!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

One item five ways: Black lace top

I have borrowed this post subject from Lizzie (here is a post she made about it) and I really love it! It makes me feel like I get a whole new wardrobe, as I have to think of new ways to combine items, that when not really forcing myself, I would never think of. I made a post before with a DIA top I had trouble making coords with (read it here). This time I wanted to try the same with an off-brand black lace top:

Coord 1: Onee at work

Top - Tally Weil, Skirt, shoes - H&M, Belt - MA*RS, Accessories - Claires

I would probably wear this outfit for presentations at uni or when going to my internship as it is both cute and sophisticated while not being to basic ^^

Coord 2: Lady rock

 Pants - Harajuku random store, Shoes, Lock bracelet - H&M, Choker - Claires, Rest of accessories - Ebay

I was inspired by the Ghost of Harlem Lady Rock collection of last spring/summer featuring Sakurina. She looked so cool and feminine at the same time!

Coord 3: Agejo perfect

Skirt, Belt, Bracelet - MA*RS, Stockings - Hunkemöller, Shoes - H&M

This outfit makes me feel super cute and sexy and is in my mind so typical for the Agejo style. I personally love this one the best ^^

 Coord 4: Love the Rock

Close-up of the top part:

Skirt, Necklace - Glavil by Tutuha, Shoes - Primark, Rose ring - Princess Apparel, Rest of accessories - Ebay

I can never make up my mind about whether black/pink or black/white is my favourite colour scheme! Anyway another Lady Rock outfit sporting lots of crosses -.^

Coord 5: Offbrand

Vest, Skirt, Bracelet - H&M, Boots - Ebay, Belt - MA*RS, Earrings - Claires

This last outfit I wanted to make completely offbrand, but then the belt slipped in *^* SORRY! I just liked it so much with it I couldn't leave it out. The vest looks kind of strange like this, but it's a very loose kind of bolero kimono in the same colour pink as the skirt. So it is actually much prettier irl <3

I really liked putting all these outfits together! I hope they are a little bit inspiring to you too ^^ Which coord is your favourite? Leave me a comment!

Much Love!