Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to Rokku make-up

For the gyaru meeting I had to look up how to do gyaru make-up and I found some really good movies which explain how to do this. I thought I should share them with you :)

I thought this one was really helpful! I like how she explains why she for example highlights her nose in a specific way and why she makes the space on the sides of her nose darker. I didn't have the necessary make-up yet, but next time I will try to do the whole make-up instead of just eyes ^^ I love her lenses btw, they look so cool on her!

I also found this little guide line for how to contour our face, depending on the shape it has.

Of course you have to blend more than shown in this picture! For me I guess I have kind of a round face. Do you think these are helpful? I hope it helps you!

Much love!