Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tokyo ! : Arrival

I'm writing right now from my warm comfortable futon in my cozy Tokyo room. To be honest I haven't been able to do much yet, since we only arrived here yesterday evening (our time off course ;) ) and I have been struggling with the time difference a bit. I guess that's what they call a jet lag ^^.

We flew from Amsterdam to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Tokyo with Turkish Airlines, which I would really recommend as the flight staff was really nice, the food was great and they gave us so much of it O.O I loved it! <3


For dinner my bf made his delicious home made miso soup, I have actually not yet found one I like as much ^^

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Leaving for Tokyo!

I am leaving to go to the airport in half an hour! I am sooo super excited! Yesterday I bought a new camera with my christmas money ( my old one really sucked too much xD ) While I'll be staying there, I will try to blog every three days from my bf's laptop. So stay tuned!

Much Love!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Gyaru meme - Day 01

Oomph, I have really been swamped lately, well actually since the beginning of this schoolyear T^T But my internship will be over in only two weeks from now and then I will get my life back!! For now I wanted to try something really cute Lizzie from Eternise-Moi and a friend of her came up with. She called it the Gyaru Meme and the idea is that you take 30 'days' with each day a post about your Gyaru look, wants needs.. everything gal xD

So today I'll do day 01: When did you start dressing Gyaru?

Looking back now, I don't see anything really gal in this picture. In my defense though, I had just found out about gyaru (like a month or something before this picture) and I just immediately was really enthousiastic about it, which should count for something right xD ? 

Anyway I went to my first meeting that day (here) and felt super gal and super confident walking down the streets. I was like: "I look sooo cute/hot! Yeah, go gyarus!" :3 The funniest thing was, I had never used eyeliner or eyeshadow before and I did not even know what to do about contouring yet.. Yep, kind of embarrassing :$ At least I think I improved a lot since then, expecially in the make-up department, thank goodness! 

Hope you liked this kind of looking back post,
Much Love!