Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ebay gets

Every once in a while I really feel like EBay shopping. It makes me feel like I saved some money by spending xD (I know this is not correct but whatever!) This time I found some really cool things that I had to share with you guys:


I am so happy with these finds! I really needed some summer stuff .. I did notice however that I should find some non-black clothes as well! Maybe in my next haul -.^

Much Love!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Japan market

After spending the weekend hobostyle, even outside of my comfy home O.O.. I decided it is again time to get back to business and tell you about my hobo adventures! (Spoiler: no outfit pics this time as you might understand~)

This weekend was Japan market again in Leiden, which is my home town! So I had to visit of course. Together with my bf we spend hours eating the most delicious food and just looking through heaps of stuff in search for pearls. It's actually one of my favourite things to do ^^

After leaving the market I discovered I had forgotten to make foodporn pics of all the delicious fishes we tried at the market! I discovered a new favourite: Dorayaki <3

But fortunately as we both tend to eat a lot we also had pizza afterwards and this I did take a pic of -.^:

I just love those super cheesy pizzas..

There were very little cosmetics or fashion stands this year. We did find a stand with Japan themed games which all seemed really cool and a stand with Japanese books, which were a bit too hard for me but interesting to look into. These were my gets from the market:

Later I went to a coffee festival organised by someone I know. It was so busy! She had not expected this many people, but I mean who does not like coffee (even if it is with loads of milk and syrup like me xD) The best thing was latte machiato flavoured ice cream <3 Which I of course forgot to take a picture off, I will probably never learn O.O

So those were my main hobo adventures this weekend, I also visited some friends and went to a small concert. Overall a really good weekend with finally some more sleep and me-time. Next post will be more gal, I promise -.^

Much Love!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Picknick meet

Last weekend we had another meet here in the Netherlands! This time it was organised by the Hyper gals who invited everyone to join them for a picknick in Utrecht! It was the most relaxing meet I have ever been to. We were all supposed to bring something, so I made some scones <3 They were done just in time, as I am a master in planning *coughcough* I was wearing my new extensions from Chloe's (you can read the review here) and the curling took me more time than expected xD

No lenses for me this time as my eyes were somehow very sensitive that day.. Fortunately they are all better now!

We had so much food! O.O Everything was delicious and I now have so many new recipes I want to try out \(^o^)/ Fortunately we all love to eat:

Of course loads of selfies were made! I was sad my curls did not stay so well T^T I did feel really glamorous with them though -.^ Here is a selection:

With Charissa and Sharon!

And the sweet Amber and Lenie <3

Haha us trying to make a group picture xD Haven't received the pic yet but after all the effort I am sure it must have turned out nice!

With Zoe and Amber <3

After a great afternoon relaxing in the sun, we somehow managed to eat almost all the food and a lot of people had gotten sunburnt. ( I didn't as I always use baby sunscreen with 50+ protection :3 )

It was amazing meeting everyone again , so when I got home exhausted I could not help but buy tickets for the Hyper international summer meet! It's going to be so much fun <3 \(^o^)/

Much Love!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Chloe's hairextensions first impressions

A few weeks ago I read a blog post about this relatively new company that sells handsewn extensions of 100% real human hair; Chloe's. They have more different shades of brown than the average company (f.e. dirtylooks) so more chance to choose the exact right colour to match your hair! I chose the Chestnut Brown:

Chestnut Brown #30

For me this is really close to my own hair, depending on the light situation just a bit too light, so I am really happy with them ^^

They currently only sell clip-on extensions of 140 gram human hair of ~50 cm long. One set is only just over 100€ and free shipping so that's pretty good! A package consists of 8 pcs:

1 part 9 inches wide with 4 clips
1 part 7 inches wide with 3 clips.
2 parts 6 inches wide with 3 clips.
2 parts 4 inches wide with 2 clips.
2 parts 2 inches wide with 1 clip.

They arrived in a really nice storage box! Normally extensions are just packed in a plastic bag, so this was a nice surprise. It felt really fancy -.^ Plus they arrived within 5 days, just in time for my picknick meet last thursday <3

The hair feels really smooth and pretty! It was so smooth even that I was afraid it would be hard for me to style and blend them well with my own curly hair xD

The clips of these extensions are very nice as well! For me it was still a bit of a hassle, as I am quite new to these, but they stayed on very well. They even did not bother me while cycling through some very strong wind! (The Netherlands.. -.^) 

As you can see in the picture above they blend with my own hair quite naturally \(^o^)/

So to sum this up: these extensions are very natural, have very good clips and a lot of colour options, plus the quality is really good and they are not expensive! The downsides are that they only have one length option and only these clip-ons. So overall a great deal and I would definitely recommend these!

Much Love!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Small meet in Amsterdam

It had been some time since we had a meet in the Netherlands ( I think about a month O.O ), so I arranged a small meet in Amsterdam last weekend! As usual I overslept a bit, but still managed to get my look together fast enough:

I tried some new lenses send to me by Klenspop and they turned out to be very natural, making me feel like I looked very sweet somehow :3 Not sure whether that is my thing exactly  though xD We first went for some bubbletea and swissrolls for lunch and afterwards shopping!!

This store was soooo cool! It was a fantasy store on the ground floor and on the second floor a kind of Asian random store. Especially the ground floor was magical! We were not allowed to take pics, but it looked like a fairy forest with the coolest things and prettiest dresses and jewelry <3 

The whole afternoon we walked up and down city center checking out shops and watching people until we got super hungry and decided to try a place Zoë knows called Tokoman. Here we could get really nice wok  ^^ I am definitely going back there!

When we already got back to the station to go hame, we realised we had not made any selfies yet O.O What meet would be complete without selfies right?! So we made some with the best lighting and surrounding ever -.^ (sarcasm)


Haha aren't we pretty -.^ Afterwards I traveled home with Zoë, which was really nice. The ride was not far, but I normally get bored so easily!

Of course in such a nice city as Amsterdam I could not resist buying a few things:

The bunny was sitting on a shelf in the fantasy store and it was just calling my name xD And don't you love the purple color of that lipstick? I just had to have it! Also I finally found some matte grey nailpolish <3 

I really love meetings like this, because they are much better to get to know each other! I had a great day and am already looking forward to next weekend as there is another meet planned \(^o^)/

Much love!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

CL review: Ring two gray

Some sponsors are so great they keep sending you new great stuff to try out ^^ It makes me really happy when I come home after a long day to just find this surprise package waiting for me at home. That means it's time for another Circle lens review! This one had to be fast though, because I was heading out to a meeting-.^ The Ring Two Gray lenses of $13.00 by Klenspop are different than what I am used to, but still quite pretty:

Some information about the lenses:

Graphic diameter: 13.5 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Type: 1 Year disposal

This is what the lenses look like on my light blue/gray eyes:

Colour & Design: 3/5
As you can see in the picture of the lenses in their case, they are open in the middle, so they just leave your own eye colour to shine through. Though I don't mind my eye colour, I prefer my lenses to give some extra!

Enlargement: 4/5
These lenses did make my eyes look bigger, but only slightly, giving them a very natural effect. (not really my thing, but still pretty -.^

Comfort: 5/5
I really did not notice the lenses while wearing them, but somehow my eyes kept tearing up! @.@ I really liked that with these lenses You never have that they get in sight.

- Very natural, so great for everyday wear
- So comfy you don't notice them
- Never get in your sight while wearing
- Give a very nice dark ring

- Do not give extra pop to your eyes in terms of colour

Hope you liked my quick review! Now I am off to the meet, you will read about it soon!

Much love!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring/summer haul

With the summer break just around the corner I have started building my spring/summer wardrobe! I really needed some accessories and nice shoes and dresses with more of  a summer feel to them, plus I like to dress more cute and lighter in summer (I guess that's just the summer spirit -.^). So these are the results of my latest shopping sprees \(^o^)/

Edgy Star Stud Earrings
Pentagram earrings

5 Pack Mystical Stone Rings

Velvet Stone Drop Choker

Velvet goth choker

Harajuku print dress (use the code 'gyarubaby' for 10% discount)

Chain link shorts

Garden Secrets Bodycon Dress

Rose skull dress

And finally...

I ordered my own hair extensions! They are from this quite new store called Chloe's and I read some really good stuff about them, so I can't wait for them to arrive \(^o^)/

Much Love!