Saturday, August 23, 2014

EOS Ice Violet circle lens review

As promised I will review the lenses I wore in my last post: the EOS Ice Violet. Ordering lenses is always a bit tricky if you have light eyes like me, so I searched a lot for reviews of these lenses before ordering them, but couldn't find any for light eyes. I hope this review will be helpful for others like me in the future ^^

Anyways, so I ordered them again at Pinky Paradise. I love this shop, they have so many different lenses! Plus a lot of other great stuff like nose make-up and such. They arrived at my home with the cutest matching elephant lens boxes <3

Here is some information about the lenses:
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8 mm
Type: 1 Year disposal

I couldn't wait to try them on! I have wanted to try purple lenses for some time now and I just loved the design of these ones. So here's a pic of me wearing them:

I think it's a shame you don't notice them that much T^T especially compared to on dark eyes:

Also they seem to have a much bigger center than in the picture of the site.. weird! So now on to the reviewing!

Color: 3/5
I love this color! It's a really pretty purple that seems really sweet and soft, while still being interesting and edgy enough for my more rock looks. It's just too bad they are not that noticable on light eyes T^T

Design: 4/5
I really like the design of the lenses, but I think I prefer lenses with a dark outer ring above these without a real noticable ring. It just looks less gal to me.

Enlargement: 5/5
These lenses will give you huge dolly eyes, even without the black outer ring.
Comfort: 5/5
I have worn these lenses for about 12 hours and haven't felt any discomfort or even dry eyes. Maybe I am a little less sensitive to these problems though, as I wear lenses everyday. Still they were really comfortable! (I even forgot to take them out, when I took of my make for meeting friends later that day:$ they liked them though)

+ Unique color
+ Great enlargement
+ Very Comfortable
+ Also available in grey, blue, green, brown and pink!
+ Available with prescription up to -10
+ You can even wear them without make, it looks pretty natural

- Not very visible on light eyes

You can buy the lenses here for only $17.40

I hope this review was helpful!

Much love!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Practice, Practice, Practice

Hiya everybody ^^ !

You know how they always say, if you want to become good at something you should practice? Well these holidays I have been practicing my make every chance I got (which to be honoust were not a lot T^T) But I think I do have improved.

So I posted this picture in the gyaru fb groups and am waiting for their concrit to help me improve some more ^^ What do you guys think?

O and the lenses in the picture are my new EOS Ice Violet, I will be reviewing them next post so stay tuned !

Much Love

Friday, August 15, 2014

New hairstyle ~

Hi dear readers! How are you all doing today? ^^
I am really great as I finally went to the hairdresser's \(^o^)/ In the post in which I told I was finally back from my holidays, I told you to really not pay attention to my hair, as it was a hot mess... So literally the next day I had my appointment at Kinki kappers. I was really nervous, since I did not exactly know what I wanted and had only brought some inspirational pics for them to work with:

As you can see I wanted something really different, more bold and edgy and suiting for the look I want for myself! Unfortunately I had to tell them I could not die my hair in really cool colours, as I will be starting my internship next week and they don't tolerate very out of the box looks T^T So I wanted to stick with browns and blonds and make it look a bit more 'natural'...

Unfortunately they misunderstood, so when I gave them these pictures and instructions, they understood I really wanted something natural. They did give me side bangs, which I have wanted for a Long time now, but they just died my hair in two tones of brown whcih are so close together you can't even tell the difference if you know // I was really disappointed by that! But well I am just going to let my hair rest for a little now and than try again ^o^ !

Here's the result for now:

Hihi only after the foto I realised my nails kind of match the phone cover XD (And no make I know :$) I think it's still kinda cute, how do you like it? I'll be trying to style it with the length like this first and mabe later try extensions if it doesn't work.

Much Love!