Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to : Shopping at MBok

When you want to wear gyaru style clothes they usually will come from Japan. However to buy from for example the Japanese ebay MBok, you need to use a Shopping Service! Shopping Services help you to get your items. First the goods will be sent to the Shopping Service and then they send it to you. Of course that means more costs like the shipping between Seller and Shopping Service and the Shopping Service wants to have a little charge for helping you. This is something I myself thought to be really hard, because I normally never use Shopping Services to buy clothes and the sites are generally not that easy to get! But I asked around a bit and finally found this really nice tutorial of Barbie Kitai. She translated it from German into English, but I still thought it was difficult to understand sometimes so here is a recap (She used Treasure Japan, but there are many more which I will name a few of in the end of this post):

First go to Treasure Japan and click Log in. (at the red arrow)

Here you can either create an account or log in. After doing this you will be back at the homepage. Here Click on Auction.

Now you can see a form on which you can fill out what you want to have from MBok.

Now its time to go on MBok ^^ Enter a search word like d.i.a. Mbok might seem a bit confusing for the first time. But believe me, once youre used to it, its so easy to understand! (And Im not even speaking/reading japanese ;) )

The red arrow shows the number of pages. The pink arrow shows you the current price, the yellow one how many bids the item already has and the green arrow shows us how much time is left for the auction to end. That means in our case we are on page 1, our Item costs 2,980 Yen, there are no bids and 2 hours left.

If you want to take a closer look at a special item, just click the link next to the picture. If you now want to bid on this item, the Shopping service comes in. The green arrow is the Auction URL, the yellow arrow is the Name Of The Item, the red one is the Auction ID and the pink one is the Sellers ID.

Then you just have to leave a bidding price and click Add to Cart.

If you want to bid on multiple things, just fill out the form as often as you want. When you're finished you can scroll down and youll see again on what youre bidding and a total price. When you're finished, click on Proceed to Checkout. (The shipping from the Shopping Service to you is not yet included in the price!)

Afterwards you'll get back to the Homepage, where you click Your Account. Then this window pops up on which you click Bidding History.

Here you can see your whole bidding history. What you ordered, the actual price, the shipping between Seller and Shopping Service, the Shopping Service fee. It's about 10 euros extra for the Shopping Service. In this example we got the item for 1980 yen, which means 14 Euro, plus the 10 Euro extra makes a total of 24 euros.

Next the item will have to be shipped to you. This is fastest with EMS. You can also get it tracked, to make sure you're item doesnt get lost ;) Check the rates at Japan Post Europe or Japan Post.

If you have more time or patience, you can save some money using SAL Air. This is also tracked and ensured up to 2 Kg. Now you can calculate the end costs so no more facing big financial surprises ;) I'd say you plan 10 - 20 Euro for customs depending on how much you ordered so everything will be covered up.

Other Shopping Services you can use are for example:

I hope this was helpful! I thought it was great, since you can save a lot of many using sites like MBok or Yahoo Auctions ^^

Much Love!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New choker - Princess Apparel

Since I was so positive about the shop (see the review here), I decided to buy another choker at Princess Apparel:

This time instead of ordering it the normal way, I asked Rox to bring it with her to the meet-up. She said she would even though she was on vacation just before it and so had to rush the order, so sweet of her!! I really love it ^^ It's a bit more simple than the other one I bought, which make it great for everyday wear. I would really rrecommend Princess Apparel to everyone!

I can't wait to make a real coord with it! What do you think?
Much love!