Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gyaru for beginners series: Glamaxon

Time for another typical beginners post, since that's actually what this blog is supposed to be all about (sorry if I get a bit of track sometimes :$). I'm not sure if you heard already or not, but Taylor from Glamaxon is making a series of posts about gyaru for beginners! It is so great, because she explains in detail what to pay attention to and how to choose f.e. lenses so us noobs will have it a lot easier ^^

The first was about choosing the right Circle Lenses, you can find it here. I thought it was great how she explains about the different designs and how they blend in with your eyes, when they are dark or light, and the different sizes of lenses.

For me it is very difficult to choose lenses, as my eyes are very light and usually CL are designed for people with dark brown eyes. But now I found that the firework kind of designs would suit me well ^o^ so much easier! 

After reading the post I decided to look for new lenses and found two great ones: EOS Ice Blue and EOS Ice Violet:

EOS Ice Blue.jpg  EOS Ice Violet.jpg

Which colour do you like best? Oh, I can't decide!

The second post was about choosing and applying fake lashes, this is here. It as all about the different designs and how to apply, very nice for us babygals ^^ 

For this she didn't really have tips of what to choose, though since it comes down to personal fvorites.. I think I like the spiked lashes the best, they work very well with rokku in my opinion:

So what do you think of the Gyaru For Beginners series? I think it's really nice someone takes the time to lay this all out for us! When starting there is just so much to look into, it can really be too much @.@ Anyhow, there are more posts coming so keep an eye out for them.

Much Love!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Mini Gal meet

So I planned my first Gal meet ! Towards summer everybody is always really busy, but we did really want to have a meet-up for a new mamber of our Dutch Gyaru group.. So I decided to take this much wanted distraction to plan a lunch/ shopping session/ drinks day for her to meet some of us ^^ Here are some of the pictures of the first part of that day, the lunch!

Haha the lighting in the restaurant was really bad, so we didn't really take pictures in there only in the bathroom :P The new girl (even newer than me) is the girl on the left, Sharon. She was really sweet and enthousiastic! I hope she will want to be a real gal ^^

We also made some selfies in front of the restaurant. I am really bad at selfies, because I never make them myself and you really need practice for them XD As you can see, we only had lunch with the four of us, but after lunch Amber and Jojo joined us for a little shopping and some drinks. We tried to make a group pic, which nobody was really happy with, and forgot to try again and retake it :$ I am going to share it with you guys anyways, because now you can see everyone's full outfits:

I look really weird in it, because I was not supposed to wear my jacket and my belt had somehow shifted up without me noticing T^T I really loved Jojo's and Amber's outfits, they looked so cute! I am not going to show you the shopping we did, as we only really but stuff at Hunkemoller ;) But a little tip: They have awesome garters and stockings!

This meeting was somewhat smaler than the normal meets, but it was actually really nice to be able to talk to everyone one-on-one^^ As I am new as well, I dont know everybody yet either, though I had talked to Lenie and Zoe before I had never really had the oppurtunity to talk more to Amber and Jojo, but they were sooo nice \(^o^)/

I am Looking forward to the next meeting already! Let me know what you think about my meeting posts? I am never sure what you want to see or hear!
Much Love!