Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hyper International Summer Meet (Picture heavy)

Last weekend was the Hyper International Summer Meet!! I had been looking forward to it for sooo long (over two months, not even kidding O.O) but when it was almost there I was so unprepared! Thursday evening, the evening before the pre-meet, I still had to think about my outfits, hair, make and nails! I was happy my bf was not home.. Our living room was a mess:

(I finally bought a decent curling iron <3 )

After getting everything ready I still could not sleep, as I was way to excited >.<

For the pre-meet I went with Jojo, Zoe and Chris to meet Kitai and Jasmin. They are from Germany and had arrived the day before already, so we figured it would be fun to show them a little bit of Utrecht and have lunch together, before the organised dinner. The only flaw in that plan was that none of us was very familiar with Utrecht xD This was my look for that day:

After having lunch we of course had to take a group selfie in a beautiful garden we found.


With Kitai \(^o^)/

With Chris <3

Doesn't it look cool with this background? It was really nice meeting up with everyone again! And at this point we had already picked Chihiro up from the station as well ^^ We just spend the day talking and hanging around Utrecht, so we did not take many pictures >.< 

After what felt like just minutes we went to meet up with the rest for dinner:

(nomnom ^^)

We went home quite early as everybody was tired of travelling and after all the real meet would only begin the next day!

This was my look for the saturday:

(In the train selfie, I was late)

We met up at the station and from there walked over to the venue. It was a really cute place at one of the waterways in Utrecht with amazingly comfortable pink and black chairs next to the water. I was really sure someone would eventually fall in the water with all the high heels xD

I was really happy so many people had come to the meeting! Some I hadn't seen anymore since the Frankfurt meet or OshareCon! So of course loads of selfies were made (don't worry I will just upload a small selection -.^ for more check my instagram account):

With Jojo ^^ I look a bit creepy here sorry!

With Kuro! She was the best rokku there for sure!

With Zoe <3

We sneaked away with a small group after a while to go to McDonalds, since we forgot to have lunch (and some hadn't even had breakfast yet O.O)

Hahaha sorry Kuro xD

I was so happy! Seeing all these amazing people again ^^ I was still tired from working my ass of at my new job before, but Coming here made it all better! I even won a free pair of CL at the raffle *^* 

In the evening we had a BBQ and after that people performed some para para. I decided to start practicing this as well! It looked so cute. I made a movie of one of the Plutonium gals' performances:


They are really good! And it isn't hard to see how much they enjoy doing this ^^

Wes and Juliet also threw in some performances! Wes was actually kind of forced xD

At first we thought we would stay until 4 partying with everybody, but at some point people just started going home and we figured, we'd better get on one of the last trains home to still be sort of alive the next day -.^

So on sunday we meant to go and have a nice relaxed picknick, except for the fact that it rained really hard all morning.. It is still the Netherlands after all >.< So we went to a roof terrace at the station. Most people were pretty tired, myself included, so we took it easy. Still of course loads of selfies, but I will only put a few here:

Mammas Zoe and Isa making us strawberry waffles <3

With Christine and Lily

Could not stay serious xD

 The German Velvet gyarusa joined this day as well! I did not get to talk to them much unfortunately but it was so nice to see them again \(^o^)/ We decided we should visit Dusseldorf soon to meet them there and we were invited to a party with them. I'm already looking forward to this ^^

It was one of the most fun weekends I have ever had, and definitely one of the most tiring! (especially with my lack of sleep even before the meet) I hope you didn't mind the long post. I tried to keep it short >.< Can't wait to see everyone again <3

Much Love!

(Btw I have decided to only blog once a week from now on, as I found I don't have enough time for the twice a week I used to blog.)

Monday, July 13, 2015

First Agejo look

Last weekend my dad threw a big party for his 50th birthday (which was actually in april, but who cares right?) and this finally gave me the occasion to try my first agejo look with the cutest MA*RS dress ever <3

This was before doing my make and hair -.^ Isn't it just sooo beautiful ?
The party was summer/beach themed and the whole garden was decorated. 

Those beds were super comfy! So off course I claimed a spot there ^^

I made my make and hair light to match the theme without CLs because my family really does not like them (they think those look scary -.-):


It was a lot of fun! Especially because of the delicious (virgin) cocktails made by my sweet little bro ^.^  

Next weekend is the International Summer Meet!!! I am so looking forward to it :D
Much Love!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Animecon pictures

Earlier I wrote about my experiences at this years animeCon, but unfortunately I did not have the pictures Kuro, Zoe and I made together yet.. So I got them this week and wanted to make a short post with them ^^

(haha, my balance is so poor I just kept falling over in these heels xD)

I hope you liked these pics! As they were unfortunately at the end of the day we all look somewhat tired -.^ 

Much Love!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

CL review: Bunny 3 Color Gray

The last week of uni has been really hard on me, so I had to take a week off from blogging.. Sorry about that! I did open a new insta account though on which I will post my daily tidbits -.^ You can follow me: annouschkoakuma! As I said it has been a very hectic week during which I am so happy to have received new lenses from my sponsor KlensPop: Bunny 3 Color Gray (they're always a surprise).

Some information about the lenses:

Graphic diameter: 13.7 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Type: 6 Months disposal

This is what the lenses look like on my light blue/gray eyes in different light circumstances:

Colour & Design: 3/5
I like the design of the lenses and colour! For my eyes however this does not really work, as my eyes are the exact same colour xD I found a picture of them on dark eyes as well though.

Enlargement: 1/5
These lenses seem to bee the same size as my own eyes. Therefore you do not really see them on my eyes. They might enlarge a bit, but it is not noticeable to me.

Comfort: 5/5
I don't feel these lenses at all while wearing them! 

- Look great on dark eyes
- Very natural size
- Pretty colour and design
- Super comfortable!

- A bit small for me
- Not really noticeable on light eyes

I hope this review was helpful to you guys. I'll post again soon!

Much Love!