Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tokyo Day 2 and 3: New Year!

Jeej! Finally we have our wifi back working properly :D It had been off for five days and my bf and I were starting to get really annoyed, as we couldn't look for train times, directions to places or talk to our friends and family at home :( Accept for at Starbucks, where I went a lot to make up for the lack of wifi at home, hehe ^^

So on to my Tokyo days! The first real day we spend here, we went to check out Shibuya. The first thing we saw of course was the famous Hachiko! I have loved this dog ever since I saw a movie about his story, I still cry when I see it xD

We spend all day walking around, checking out the neighborhood and watching people. Of course I had to go to Shibuyaa 109 as well. I love it! There are so many great stores full of clothes, accessories, make up, shoes.. <3 They have everything a girl could ever want! I especially loved the Glavil by Tutuha store, and even though I was planning on buying the lucky bag, I had to try some of the things on and ended up taking some of them with me.

Doesn't 109 look cool in the evening?

The next day was the day before new years, and we were so excited to celebrate it here, as I heard great stories about it! During the day we decided to see Harajuku, to see the famous Harajuku style and take a peek at the Meiji Jingu temple were we wanted to participate in the ritual of the first prayer of the year before it would e crawling with people.

In the street just next to the station there were lots of market stands with the most delicious smellng foods, I especially liked these bananas:

We went in the famous La Foret, where I knew a Ghost of Harlem shop was. The clothes were so great! I took some pictures of the store, before they told me I couldn't.. Oops! But they said I could use the ones I had already taken :) I bought a coat I had wanted ever since I saw a picture of Sakurina wearing it <3

The park and temples were so beautiful! I made loads of pictures, but don't worry I won't post all!

These barrels of wine and sake were gifted to the emperor by wine and sake makers all around the world. There were so many! I wanted to try them all xD

My bf taking pictures with his 'real' camera, he is much better at it than me (which is not hard) :P

Me in front of one of the arches in the park :) The wind was blowing so hard, it took some tries to get a shot in which my hair was not in my face!

In the evening the place was crawling with people as expected. But even if we had been in line for over two hours before getting to the temple, I loved it! All these people around us wishing us happy new year and how cheerful everybody was.. It was great :D

The picture below shows two guys we met after the prayer. They did not really speak English but they tried teaching us some Japanese and we taught them a few words Dutch ^^

I don't remember what these were called, but they were delicious <3

I hope your new years were as good as mine? Next post I'll be revealing my fukubukuros! I got two ;) Much Love!


  1. Loving that coat! Can't wait to see what you got in your fukubukuro ^__^ ❤


    1. Thank you! Haha I really loved them, so it will be worth the wait ;)

  2. Nice post, can't wait to see your lucky packs! :D x


  3. hahahaha sounds so exciting! the food in the last image should be takoyaki, judging by the fact that it was a food stand and has the floaty stuff and brown sauce on top xD