Sunday, August 2, 2015

Inspiration: Summer Party

I just got back from a short holiday to visit my bf at his parents'place in Luxembourg and got back to find there will be so many birthday partys in the coming weeks! (Including my own which I will still have to plan -.^) With so many partys I will need a serious amount of cool outfits, which means some new inspiration! I will focus on summery wearable and partyproof. Take a look ^^ !

This look is just perfect for a night out!


Cute and girly for a picknick bday party


I'd love to go clubbing in something like this *^*

agejo gyaru accessory inspiration

This look is to die for and perfect for a cocktail party ^^


This look from Lizzie is just so cute and summery!

Both these outfits are just so good for nights on the town! The one on the left is my favourite..

This dress <3 Need I say more? -.^

I amsSo in love with this Golds Infinity dress.. Perfect for a party!

A bit more grown up, so really good for some drinks with friends.

I hope you liked these outfits! It always just helps me so much to go look around on blogs I follow and google when I am in need of some new input -.^

Much Love!


  1. This month is so busy indeed! I was planning on choosing some outfits this week

    1. That might be smart! I am always just so late doing that... With a little extra preparation outfits always somehow end up better -.^

  2. Love MA*RS outfits haha♥
    Thanks for your comment cutie ^^
    Mmmm sure I can take 10 min for my hair extensions if I don't stylish (straight hair) and If I want to stylish (curls, ponytails, etc) minimum 30 min x__X Holy shit hahaha

    1. Haha I don't think that's that bad actually! I can take about 2 hours when I want super curly hair *^*

      MA^RS love is the only love -.^

  3. I'm loving these inspirations! It's making me fall in love with MA*RS all over again~ I really need to buy some more! >_>

    And thank you so much for including mine >///////< <3

    1. Haha same here! Seeing these pics I felt I just had to shop again.. But I'm trying to save up >.<

      No prob cutie! You looked fab!