Sunday, August 9, 2015

CL review: Madonna Violet

Purple lenses have been something I have wanted for quite sometime. When I found these Madonna Violet lenses for $13 at KlensPop I was sold! I love the design of these lenses and they seemed bright enough to show purple on my light eyes. So here is my review:

Some info about the lenses:

Graphic diameter: 13.5 mm
Water content 38%
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Type: 6 months disposable

I tried them in different light conditions; sunlight, artificial light and indoors light. As I said I have very light grey/blue eyes:

What is strange is that the design of the lenses almost disappears on my eyes! I do love how radiant and bright purple they are ^^


Colour & Design: 5/5

As I said I LOVE the design and colour of these lenses! I had a purple pair before, but because of my blue eyes the purple was really faded, these are the opposite. They really pop <3

Enlargement: 4/5

I like the size of these lenses and the colour makes my eyes stand out even more. The only thing is that the black ring, that you can see in the pictures where the lenses are still in their case, does not really show up on my eyes.

Comfort: 4/5

I have worn these lenses the whole day and to a party afterwards and they did not bother me one bit! The only shifted in front of my sight a few times which was very strange as it normally never happens to me. But it did give everything a nice purple glow xD

I really like these lenses and they have them in more colours, so I think I will have to get those too -.^ I think these lenses are perfect for more girly outfits to add some extra.I hope this review was helpful? Let me know what you guys think!

Much Love!


  1. I have a soft spot for purple lens - it's my favourite shade! If only I could wear lens again... Anyway, these look amazing on you! Would be great for rokku :D

    1. Thank you! Purple lenses or pink ones are my favourites as well ^^ Ah it sucks you can't wear lenses, I would be curious how they look on you!