Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Small meet in Amsterdam

It had been some time since we had a meet in the Netherlands ( I think about a month O.O ), so I arranged a small meet in Amsterdam last weekend! As usual I overslept a bit, but still managed to get my look together fast enough:

I tried some new lenses send to me by Klenspop and they turned out to be very natural, making me feel like I looked very sweet somehow :3 Not sure whether that is my thing exactly  though xD We first went for some bubbletea and swissrolls for lunch and afterwards shopping!!

This store was soooo cool! It was a fantasy store on the ground floor and on the second floor a kind of Asian random store. Especially the ground floor was magical! We were not allowed to take pics, but it looked like a fairy forest with the coolest things and prettiest dresses and jewelry <3 

The whole afternoon we walked up and down city center checking out shops and watching people until we got super hungry and decided to try a place Zoë knows called Tokoman. Here we could get really nice wok  ^^ I am definitely going back there!

When we already got back to the station to go hame, we realised we had not made any selfies yet O.O What meet would be complete without selfies right?! So we made some with the best lighting and surrounding ever -.^ (sarcasm)


Haha aren't we pretty -.^ Afterwards I traveled home with Zoë, which was really nice. The ride was not far, but I normally get bored so easily!

Of course in such a nice city as Amsterdam I could not resist buying a few things:

The bunny was sitting on a shelf in the fantasy store and it was just calling my name xD And don't you love the purple color of that lipstick? I just had to have it! Also I finally found some matte grey nailpolish <3 

I really love meetings like this, because they are much better to get to know each other! I had a great day and am already looking forward to next weekend as there is another meet planned \(^o^)/

Much love!