Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tokyo winter 2015: Arrival, Shibuya and Harajuku

The past vacation to Tokyo was AMAZING.
I went together with Amber, Jojo and Isabelle and I could not have wished for better travel companions <3 Last year with my bf was very different, so it was fun to see another side of Tokyo and meet more with friends! This post will be about the first three days (Otherwise I will have to many pictures xD)

Day 1: Arrival

We had the worst flight ever, but when we arrived at our apartment it all did not matter anymore! It was in Shibuya, only a 5-10 minute walk from the station (depends on how high your heels are) and super spatious and nice:

In the hallway we also found something terrible... A nailmonster was living there as well! So you can imagine we were very scared it would come for us at night xD

After putting down our stuff and freshing up a bit, we decided to go out for dinner and explore a little. This was my outfit for day 1:

I did not have the energy yet to do my makeup and hair, so I felt a bit shabby xD Especially when seeing Shibuya 109 lit up for christmas <3

Our dinner this first night was not great, as we were to tired to look around for long, it was good though ^^

After dinner we were to tired to go out, so we had an early evening. I don't think I have ever slept as well!

Day 2: First day of shopping at Shibuya 109

Our first real day in Tokyo we as the shopaholics we are of course had to spend shopping at 109 \(^o^)/ Even though I had been there before, it still felt like a magical place. Especially when walking around seeing all the cool clothes, I normally admire from afar, in real life and being able to try them on... HEAVEN <3 Amber and Isabelle had never been there before so for them it must have been even more amazing! This was my look for our shopping trip: 


One of the most surprising things to me this trip was that I really liked the clothes at stores like Datura and Rienda, as I normally do not really look at these stores much. But especially Datura's clothes were so nice and soft *^.^* We took a picture with one of the shopstaff, she was super cute.

As you can see I was the only one not in white xD

We did not manage to go through all the stores at 109 in this one day, and as it was already getting pretty late without us having had lunch yet, we decided to go eat pasta in the restaurant on one of the highest floors of the mall. It was surprisingly good ^^

I had a pasta with loads of veggies <3 And we had a really cool view over the streets from there:

After 'lunch' we decided to continue shopping a bit more  at MA*RS and Glad News, but then something really awful happened.. Jojo's wallet got stolen out of her bag! T^T It was so bad and e all were so sad.. 'Luckily' the person who stole it only took the money and then left it in an elevator, so she did not loose her passes or we would have been a lot further from home! After that we decided to make it an early day and go home to relax and get our bearings.

After some time, we headed out anyway, as the culprit should not ruin our trip or even our day! So it was karaoke time \(^o^)/ I love karaoke even when I am not very good at it (I can't hear myself so I sing verrrry badly.. Sorry for the others who have to hear it -.^) It was so much fun!

My haul of this day:

Day 3: Harajuku & meeting Miku and Marta

This day we went to meet the sweet Miku in Harajuku. It was so great to see her again <3 and to be in Harajuku again as well! In my opinion Harajuku is even better than Shibuya. Not for shopping of course, but for people watching which is just about my favourite thing to do ^^ In Harajuku you can see so many amazing different styles and even more stylish people than in Shibuya or any other district. Being there always gives me such a rush \(^o^)/ This was my outfit for that day:

 Harajuku <3

I went to the Etude House store for the first time, last time I somehow missed it.. It was so lovely! I took a sneak picture of the magical mirror in the store:

Of course a visit to Harajuku is not complete without eating crêpes and this is my favourite crêpe stand (they have soooo many flavours!):

After some more shopping we decided to head back to Shibuya to put our stuff away and meet with Marta and her friend for dinner and drinks in an izakaya, but not after we made some purikura together!
First with Miku in Harajuku:

And later also with Jojo and Marta in Shibuya:

It was great seeing Marta again as well and meeting her friend Jordi who was staying with her! No haul for me this day (except for some jewelry, but I did not take pictures so I can't remember what I bought that day -.-)

I am done typing for now, so I will post later this week with the next days! I hope you liked reading about our adventures. I am still a little bit the opposite of homesick and really want to go back, especially when seeing all the pictures again.. Well I suppose it will pass -.^
Much Love!


  1. So glad you had a great time on your trip!
    You look so good and I love your gets!!! <3
    I think the Etude store in Harajuku only opened this summer so it's still quite new^^

    1. Aww thank you!! I was so happy with everything ^^ (And still am ofc)
      Oh! That explains that! I already felt a bit stupud for not noticing it before lol

  2. Ah I am so jealous! I really really want to go to Japan, especially Shibuya. You all look like you had so much fun! <3

    1. You have to goooo! But you know that already xD It was so lovely <3