Thursday, January 28, 2016

Surprise haul

This week I received a very surprising gift! An item I had ordered in november, which I thought to have gotten lost in the mail arrived ^^ And instead of a small package I received this:

A huge box filled to the top with clothes. It was so unreal and felt like christmas! This is what was inside:

So much cute stuff! *^* There were also some long sleeves and shirts, but I did not take a picture of all of them. The items I did not want though, are on the sales page of this blog. 

Much Love!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tokyo winter 2015: Shinjuku, Sunshine City and Monster Café

The past two weeks I have been living under a rock, all work no fun... But last thursday I finally finished my university deadlines and a big work project so now I'm FREEE \(^o^)/ So it's time to continue my Japan chronicles:

Day 4: Shinjuku 

This day we decided to go to Shinjuku Alta and the MA*RS store there, I had never been to this store before and had not even known of its existence before we went there *^* According to Jojo it used to be really big, two floors, now however half was closed off and they did not have anything extra compared to Shibuya 109... So that was kind of a disappointment xD I did wear a MA*RS coord of course:

Before going to the stores we had to eat first, so we went to a place where they had amazing okonomiyaki <3 This is one of my favorite Japanese dishes, so I loved this! And we could make it ourselves at the table which is definitely a big plus.

Shinjuku is not as vibrant and stylish as Shibuya with less fashionable people, but I like the atmosphere there a lot. There are so many amazing restaurants there *^* With how much I love food, it's a miracle I am not fat yet xD

Inside Shinjuku Alta things had changed a lot compared to last winter, which I had known before, but a lot of the great stores have gone.. We still had fun though and even made some puri on the top floor (somehow we did not do this much during the whole holiday).


In the evening we went to a super cheap sushi place called 'Genki Sushi'. Sushi is the best thing ever and there you only pay 120 yen per dish o.o A bonus is that they bring it with this rail system, which I really loved, as the geek that I am!

This was my haul of the day:

Day 5: Sunshine City

This day was very grey and we were afraid that it would rain, so it was a perfect day for Sunshine City. This was my outfit for that day:

Last time I spend a lot of time in Ikebukuro as our apartment was very close to it, so it was especially nice to see the familiar neighborhood again ^^ 

The Sanrio Gift Gate was so cute! They had a bunch of plushies and merch in christmas style, which were even cuter than usual <3 Unfortunately I could not find anything I really needed so I did not buy anything here. 

After a day off again shopping, we went to eat at one of the restaurants in Sunshine city as our 'christmas dinner'. It was kind of shabby, but the food was still really good! They even had fried sweet potato *^*

Together with Amber and Isa, we went to Milky Way afterwards <3 The icecream and drinks here are so beautiful,I never exactly know what I ordered, but everything is so beautiful that it does not matter! This was the outside decor:

While sitting in there we could oversee the super crowded crossing, which was really cool to see!

Isa's mystery drink:

Amber and I ordered the same icecream with matcha, red beans and some kind of jelly thingies of which I can never remember the name. I did not like those much, so that was a bit of a bummer :/ The rest was really good though!

My haul of this day:

Yes more stockings xD

Day 6: Monster café

Today we went to the amazing Monster Café \(^o^)/ This was one of the things I had on my must do list and it was even better than I expected! I really liked my hair and outfit that day:

We had to walk around for a loooong time before finding it somehow, even while it was right on the other side of the street from Takeshita Dori xD When entering you are immediately greeted with this huge sign on a wall:

The Monster Café has different segments:

All of them are soooo cute! To me the best was the milk stand ^^ It was really full though, so we went to the second best which was the mushroom disco. After choosing a room, they open two big doors and you enter a creepy cute version of Wonderland.

Our group at the restaurant: 

I was so super happy, as you can probably tell from my stupid grinning face -.- We had a special christmas menu with amazing looking drinks and some nice food as well (which we never got somehow, so no pictures) :

Eriko had ordered a really nice pasta *^* it smelled sooo good, I felt super jealous especially since we were super hungry and the food did not arrive. Luckily we got the drinks for free and she liked the pasta a lot, so it was all okay.

Since it was the day after christmas they performed a super random, but cool show as an extra ^^


 Afterwards we were allowed to take pictures with the performers:

We had been in Harajuku before, but as there is just so much to see there we hade not even been to the Fernopaa store yet *^* We all found some really nice things there! The shopstaff even took some streetsnap pictures of us while trying our stuff on:

And a group shot in the store:

We all felt cute so we went for some puri in a really weird machine, that had a music theme and even made our own music video xD

When getting back to Shibuya, we saw Hachiko with a cute flower necklace, it was probably done for christmas -.^

My haul of this day:

I loved Tokyo so much, I still feel a bit 'homesick' (of course the deadlines and work pressure don't help much) and I really miss getting ready with my gal friends every morning <3 Well the upcoming week will be really nice again, as I now have time for myself again ^^ I hope you guys had a less stressful two weeks? Next time more Japan!

Much Love!